Pain in the ass

So, i lost my social security card. which sucks.

but i need a new driver's license. which apparently, you need proof of your social security number to get a new license. Or at least you do in DC. you also need proof of residency (which is what i thought a driver's license was-- but whatever.) They offer alternatives to your Social Security card which include a pay check stub, on which my # is XXX'ed out, and/or a health insurance card (which i have a responsible heath insurance that uses ID numbers that are not your SSN). So, basically, i am screwed. So, the Social Security Office is only open from 10-4 m-f. I have no idea how long the lines are, but since it's 20 minutes from work, i know that there is no way i can get there in the hour I have for lunch.

I have a new job, so as understanding as my jasminelive boss may be, i can't really just take off and spend all day waiting in line-not to mention, I will also have to take time off to settle my condo, to get my car registered, and maybe a little mental health time, too. (hey-I didn't work for 3 months, and working everyday has been about killing me. )

i have no idea how i am ever going to get this done.

I know that we have to take identity theft in this age of homeland security. but I feel like this is impossible.

I am who I say I am, I swear.


I work for a diabetes research foundation.

at my meeting last night, it was said, on more than one occasion that diabetes is the most devestating disease a person can have.

i would like to call bullshit on that one.

i see people living every day with diabetes. they life is inconvienent, and often complicated... but it is possible to have a normal life with diabetes (both type one and two). some diseases, are not possible to live like this. when my grandfather died of cancer, he was on such a restricted diet, he couldn't have anything that would further damage his kidneys. he was like this for the last three years of his life. and in constant pain. the chemotheraphy he was given was a derivative of nerve gas. that couldn't have been a pleasent expirence.

I think that MS has to be one of the most devestating disease. i mean, could you imagine not knowing in the morning if you are going to be able to not be able to see or not be able to walk? it's so disturbing.

Heart disease is the #1 killer in the united states.

i think that maybe i am in the wrong field.

This that and the other

Damn i am tired. i had a late work meeting last night, and a 13 hour day will really kill you. so i went straight home after work. i had all my windows closed and no ac on at home. the damn place was an oven. it was 85 degrees. i opened all my windows, turned on fans adn suffered for an hour. it wasn't worth turning on the AC yet, but damn, i wish that there was a little more wind last night. but by the time i got up this morning, my place was perfect.

i got up and went to the CWE for coffee. it was good coffe, but they were way too busy this morning. i even got up and got my own coffee. and i could barely flirt with the cute coffee boy behind the counter. i ended getting in late, but i don't really care. i am still going to leave at 3ish.

i have something else that's disturbing me that i am going to blog about later, but i have to work now.


I have a secret blog. some of you know that. some of you just found out. the thing is, the part that is secret is the content, not the fact i have a jasminlive blog. it, in fact, pings bloghorn and has my picture on it.

there are things i want to share with some people and not everyone. there is no one person that i am always trying to hide stuff from. there are posts that i want to sometimes hide from a person, or there are posts that i want friends to read, but not the entire world to have access too. i often find that i want to share with more people than have access to my personal blog, but it can't stay personal or private if you let people in randomly.

i made a post recently on that blog that i really wish i could share with everone... but to protect that live jasmin privacy, i can't. but, you know, life sucks sometimes.

it's hard for me to blog about some of the stuff thats making me pissy right now, and well, blogging is often my release. so i think i am going to start drinking instead. anyone want to join me?


I am doing nothing tonight.

I cleaned out a closet and gave a bath to my 16 pound cat who has all his claws.

I have no life.

Tomorrow I get to get my hair cut/colored/etc. I can't wait!

Getting a grip

I spent tonight at home, with my cats. i know that makes me sound like a loser, but i really needed to clear my head from my day at work. it's one thing after another there. i really don't like that i get this stressed about something that is really so meaningless in the big picture, but it does mean something to me. or maybe i just feel like it should. i don't even know anymore.

other than murphy sstill matching my kitchen a little too well, my cats are good. and the best company i could have asked for tonight. well, maybe a pizza man would have been nice, but it's a little late for that. i basically endulged in my favorite sin for the moment for dinner: caramel hershey's kisses. the taste alot like rolos. and well, yeah. that was dinner. real healthy, eh?

i think i am going "work from home" tomorrow morning. that means that i might have to find a place for a really good cup of coffee. would anyone recommend a place?