7 Budget-Friendly Road Trips Destinations in the USA

Americans love road trips as much as they love to barbecue on the 4th of July. A whole bunch of open highways calls you to explore the beautiful places spread across the country. My ideas for road-trips mostly stem from movies and travel channels that I keenly watch on Spectrum plans for cable TV.

Starting from desert, lakes to mountains, America has plenty of destinations perfect for a road. No matter what type of adventure seeker you are, there’s something out there for you.

Budget-Friendly Road Trips
Budget-Friendly Road Trips

Can’t pick the destinations for yourself? No worries! Just choose from these top road drip destinations in the USA:

1: Columbia River Highway, Oregon

Get ready to see stunning rivers, bridges, waterfalls, and mountains and you take the Columbia River Highway in Oregon. You can complete this trip in a day if you take the route from Portland to the Hood River.

To extend if, pick a campsite (such as the Lewis & Clark RV Park) or a lodge (such as Brickhaven Bed and Breakfast) to stay the night. Along your road, you will get a chance to see wildlife. Don’t forget to stop at Horsetail Falls and Multnomah.

2: Mount Washington Auto Road, New Hampshire

Are you up for something daring? Grab a friend and take a road trip to the Mount Washington auto road.it takes 7.5 miles to reach the peak of Mount Washington. Be careful because the mountain is known for cloud patterns and rapidly changing weather.

You must give a $28 payment for entry. However, you may only drive when the weather permits. So make sure you check the weather before making any plans. It would take a day to complete this trip. No overnight stays are available on this road.

3: U.S. Route 1, Florida

If you want a longer road trip, say, 2 to 3 days, U.S Route 1 brings you lots of existing opportunities for adventure. Choose the north coast of Florida to make the trip longer. It would take 545 miles to reach your destination. You may choose to stay at a campsite or a hotel, whatever suits your budget.

You are going to experience some exquisite coastline views. To make things more exciting, take an extended trip to the ocean.

4: Hana Highway, Hawaii

Before you say to Hawaii because it’s an expensive destination, wait till you hear about the island of Maui. Take a road trip to Hana and get thrilled by dense rainforests.

This trip would take less than a day. To prolong it, spend the night at the Haleakala National Park. It only costs a $10 entrance fee, everything else is free so you will be staying within budget.

5: Sun Road, Montana

Before heading on a road trip to the sun road, make sure you rent a vehicle. It is going to be a cliff-hugging mountain journey. You will be passing through lush green forests in Lake Mac Donald, some valleys with mountain tops, and then Saint Mary Lake with a gushing view of a crystal waterfall.

This road trip is going to be a visual treat. You might even catch a few mountain goats and sheep on your way.

6: Blue Ridge Parkway, Virginia

You can either start your journey from Cherokee or Boone, the trip of Blue Ridge Parkway includes mountain terrains, waterfall, birds, turkeys, sourwoods, occasional god, wildflowers and other scenic beauty. No matter what time of the year it is, this will be an unforgettable trip.

The best part is one of the finest scenic drives of America. There are no billboards, commercial towns, or traffic on the way. Its pure splendor and serenity.

7: Arkansas Highway 7 Scenic Byway

Never been to Arkansas? Then this road trip is exactly what you need. This byway is a 290 miles stretch that will take 1 to 2 days to travel. It takes you to the pine and hardwood forests, rolling hills and rivers.

To take a break from the forests, head to the small towns. They are very friendly. The best time to take a trip is during fall and spring. If you are traveling in spring, stay the night in a cottage at the Knollwood Lodge. You might also want to check out the Hot Springs National Park KOA to find a place to stay if you are looking for a budget-friendly place to stay.

Final Words

Don’t keep yourself from vacationing just because it demands a big budget. Instead, explore America’s geography by traveling in your car. I came across this idea on the first day of using Spectrum San Antonio cable while watching Indiana Jones and I never looked back.

Just pick a spot, invite your friends, buy some snacks on your way and escape from the city lights. This little trip will make your spirits soar.

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