Movies to Watch on Hulu during Lockdown

Depression and anxiety are some of the by-products of the lockdown. While there are many therapists available for online sessions as well, you can look for distractions yourself. For example, cooking, working out, cleaning, gaming or acquiring a new skill. I am making the best use of my Optimum offers to learn make-up by watching God knows how many tutorials a day.

Movies to Watch on Hulu during Lockdown

And when I am not learning, I watch movies on Hulu. Here are my favorite picks:


Directed by Bong Joon-ho, Parasite is an epic movie by the South Korean filmmaker. The movie is a masterpiece that keeps your eyes glued to the screen from beginning to end. The story of the movie revolves around a family of squatters. They get hold of a rich family and plan to get hold of their wealth by coming across as knowledgeable individuals.

It would not be fair to reveal any further details about the movie. You would love the many twists and turns that the movie takes. However, the movie should get a due appreciation for pointing out a rather sad reality of the society – class difference. What else to expect from the fine director who highlights complex social issues in his movies.

The movie earned four Oscars. This does not leave you with much choice but to watch the movie.

Lady Macbeth

One of Florence Pugh’s breakthrough performances, Lady Macbeth should be on your watch-list. William Oldroyd directed this twisted drama. Set in the 19th Century, the film is a take on sold marriages that were a norm in rural England back then. However, the woman begins to have a torrid affair with one of the estate workers after she gets sold into her current marriage.

The title should not confuse you into thinking that the movie is an adaptation of Shakespeare’s prominent play. You will not want to leave the couch until the movie ends. Watch this unique piece and see how Macbeth tries to escape a marriage where she gets treated as property.

Support the Girls

You will love this movie for all the good reasons. Watch it feel good about yourself by the end of it. Director Andrew Bujalski throws light on a rather serious issue – the indignity a woman has to face in the modern world as well. The movie takes an empathetic stance towards its actors. The story revolves around a hardworking woman Lisa Conroy, who is the manager at Hooters.

Although discussing a serious issue, the tone of the movie remains light throughout to avoid coming across as preachy. And dare we say that the writer succeeds in doing so. It is a fun watch that you won’t forget in times to come.

Portrait of a Lady on Fire

Writer and director Céline Sciamma created a darling of a movie. It is one of the most amazing love stories that you would watch. The catch here is that the love story involves two women. And they have to keep it a secret because the era and society that they live in won’t accept it. Starring Noémie Merlant, Luana Bajrami, and Adele Haenel, Portrait of a Lady on Fire are all about seductive affair and ferocity.

The Cabin in the Woods

I am not a huge fan of horror movies. But director and writer for the movie, Drew Goddard, created one entertaining and inventive horror film. This movie was Goddard’s take on eliminating the laziness with which previous horror films were made. Hence, giving a new life to the genre. Although the movie seems like just another one of those typical college students going into woods horror type there is much more to the movie than that.

The Cabin in the Woods is your answer to every why and what that came in the form of an objection on horror films. Watch it believe me.

A Simple Favor

Directed by Paul Feig, A Simple Favor is a blend of thrill and comedy. You will find both in the movie starring Blake Lively, Andrew Rannells, Anna Kendrick, and Henry Golding. The story is about a vlogger who gains fame and then her stylish new friend goes missing. The biting wit and dark comedy make this movie an absolute favorite. Each twist in the movie is a dark delight. You will never be sure what’s coming up next. And the curiosity will not let you leave your couch.

Had it not been for the lockdown, I would’ve suggested subscribing to Optimum Internet only to watch these movies online. However, all Internet companies are providing uninterrupted services during this time. So, make the best out of it. And get watching!

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