Top 10 Tips For PMP Exam Preparation

Are you going to appear in the PMP exam 2020?? If yes, then you have to start your preparation from now. Here, we are telling you Top 10 Tips for PMP Exam Preparation that will be very useful for you. 


Preparing for any exam requires dedication, a well-planned study time table, lots of effort, and diligence. The project management professional (PMP) exam is one of the toughest exams that demands extensive preparation of many months to pass.



In other words, the PMP exam is very critical to pass. There are lots of topics covered by the PMP syllabus in the area of Project Management. You have to practice all these topics to become a master in it.


One thing you have to understand it is not an easy task to clear this exam. If you see the statistics, then you will find that only 2 aspirants qualified PMP exam from 5. But, nothing is impossible in this world. If you study well and systematically, then you will definitely crack the project management professional exam. Readout these beneficial PMP Exam Tips now.


Top 10 Tips For PMP Exam Preparation


If you want to clear the project management professional exam in the first attempt, then follow these following top 10 tips stated below.


1. Master The PMBOK Guide


Lead to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK Guide) is a very useful and helpful book for those who want to clear the PMP exam. It has published by PMI. There are many books available in the market, but nothing can match the standard and conceptual clarity of this book. It provides you basic and in-depth knowledge about every topic cover in the PMP syllabus.


2. Have A Plan Or Schedule


To get succeed in any exam, a well-planned study is essential for it. Before going to study, set a time-table as per all essential topics. This will act as a roadmap for you. Decide first which topics are more relevant and less important. Then, set a particular time for them and follow this.


3. Refer To Another Study Guide


It is not enough to depend on the PMBOK guide. This book clears your concepts about each and every topic. But doesn’t tell you how these topics are linked to each other. Moreover, it will not let you know how to apply them in real life. So, read this book as well as consider other good books also to crack this exam in the first attempt.


4. Solve A Lot Of Practice Questions


Solving previous year PMP questions can be very useful to you. This will make you understand the concept of questions and how to solve PMP questions. So, download previous year PMP question paper from a reputed and trusted website and solve them as per PMP exam rules and regulations.


5. Write Practice Tests


If you think that you will crack the PMP 2020 exam on the basis of knowledge, then you can’t qualify it. The PMP 2020 syllabus is vast, and the questions are very tough. You have to solve 200 questions in 4 hours. So, write a mock test more and more and practice them.


6. Use The 35 Hours Of Project Management Training Efficiently


Make sure that you can spend 35 contact hours on formal project management education. Before going to apply for this exam, make this habit to your learning experience. It will help you to achieve your goal. Ensure that you choose the training provided by Registered Education Provider (REPs). These trainers are evaluated and approved by the PMI.


7. Develop A Strategy That Works For You


Understand your strengths and weakness, then prepare a strategy that will work for you. Do not follow other’s topper strategy as every person is not the same.


8. Join The PMI And Connect With Other Project Managers


Connecting with the PMI members has many opportunities, such as the exam will become cheaper, and it provides you an excellent chance to grab knowledge by connecting with many other management professionals.


9. Manage Your Time Well


As the exam preparation demands in-depth knowledge, concepts clear, lots of Practice of mock test paper, and practice question papers. So, you have to manage your time between your professional and the study time for the exam.


10. Learn To Hold Your Nerve


At last, we advise you to keep patience and don’t take a lot of tension. Don’t come under peer pressure, and don’t feel anxiety. Take your time and perform well in the exam hall.




If we add all these, then we can say that treat itself as a project in order to crack the PMP exam 2020. Follow these PMP exam tips, and you will definitely crack it. I wish you all the best!!!


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