Top 25 Cities To See Before You Die

Top 25 Cities To See Before You Die: There are lots of places on earth that captivate you immensely and make you wonder why you didn’t visit there earlier. There are some places that you never want to leave, and then there are places that offer you limitless possibilities and show you the new meaning of life. Here is a list of top 100 cities that you ought to see before you die so that your life isn’t incomplete.

Top 25 Cities To See Before You Die

1.Dubrovnik In Croatia

Dubrovnik In Croatia

A must-visit city for history lovers, Dubrovnik in Croatia, is filled with huge stone walls, cathedrals, churches, and museums that have been here for centuries together. This ancient cultural heritage is the trademark of Dubrovnik. Enjoy the scintillating view of the Mediterranean Sea when you come to this “walled city: Located right at the front of the Adriatic Sea, this historic city, also known as “Pearl of the Adriatic,” deserves to be visited at least once in your lifetime.

2.Normandy In France

Normandy In France

Lined with a series of vertical sea cliffs and countless beaches, Normandy, located in the northern part of France, is known for its interesting part in the world’s history. Every year, there are celebrations here to commemorate the war veterans, victims, and their families of those who participated in the Battle of Normandy and D-Day Landings. Do not miss the magical Mont St. Michael, a pilgrimage site, which was constructed during the 12th century and located in the middle of the sea when you come here.

3.Hunan In China

Hunan In China

Hunan is one of those lesser-visited places in China; however, it blows your mind in the first instance itself with its captivating combination of modern and rural life co-existing in perfect harmony. Hunan Sky City, one of the highest buildings, is found here.

4.Hamburg In Germany

Hamburg In Germany

Those who have a keen eye towards music must visit this effervescent city in Germany. There are many avenues that host international and electronic music performances. The city is filled with historical monuments as well and is rightly known as the “Gateway to the world.”

5.Stockholm In Sweden

Stockholm In Sweden

Known as “Venice of the North,” Stockholm in Sweden is the cultural capital of Sweden and provides unlimited opportunities for tourists to have a good time here. Architectural marvels, a huge number of shopping destinations, open-air galleries, and other tourist attractions are the major highlights here.

6.Leeds In England

Leeds In England

Placed in the English county of Yorkshire, Leeds houses an excellent collection of arms and weapons that were used in yesteryear battles. The beautiful and quiet little city has many vineyards, open-air art galleries, lots of rivers, shopping markets, reputed educational universities, and much more.

7.Rio De Janeiro In Brazil

Rio De Janeiro In Brazil

Rio de Janeiro, the capital of Brazil, is definitely “paradise on earth” with its myriad colors and emotions. Visit the city during Carnivals to enjoy the festivities and unique Samba Dance. With Copacabana and Ipanema Beaches lining the coast of Rio, the city presents tourists and inhabitants with a positive and vibrant ambiance always.

8.Florence In Italy

Florence In Italy

Also known as the City of Lilies, Florence is a historical city that is known for its expansive gardens, beautiful pathways, and monuments that have stood the test of time. The place has a close connection with art as well as you can find lots of galleries here.

9.Belfast In Ireland

Belfast In Ireland

Belfast, the capital of Northern Island, is one of the most beautiful and respected cities in the UK. The city is one of the famous getaway destinations of UK residents as there are lots of great galleries and monuments here. The city is also very tourist-friendly, which makes it all the more attractive.

10.Cape Town In South Africa

Cape Town In South Africa

Commonly known as “Mother City” by the locals, Cape Town is the most ancient city in South Africa. It is lined with beautiful cliffs, mountains, rough terrains, pristine waters, and more. Do visit to Lion’s Head Mountain when you come here next.

11.Tokyo In Japan

Tokyo In Japan

The capital city of Japan is one of the rapidly developing cities in the world. Kids can have a whole of their time here at Disneyland. Ferry rides can be used for local transportation, and the city has many historical monuments to its glory, like the Tokyo Dome City, Imperial Palace, and so on.

12.Zurich In Switzerland

Zurich In Switzerland

This are beautiful and romantic tourist destinations in the world. If you are ready to celebrate on your travel, this place presents with your innumerable opportunities. Situated on the banks of Limmat River, Zurich is a picture of untainted beauty with its snow-capped peaks, historical cathedrals and art galleries.

13.Amsterdam In Netherlands

Amsterdam In Netherlands

Amsterdam is a place that is a combination of various cultures. On one side we can see the artistic museums, galleries, and canals, whereas on the other side we are introduced to vivacious nightlife and red-light areas. The place never ceases to surprise tourists every time.

14.Budapest In Hungary

Budapest In Hungary

The Hungarian capital city of Budapest is one of the most artistic yet most affordable cities in the world. Thermal baths, sauna-type treatments, spas and massages, unique architectural monuments in European style architecture, Buda Castle, Mathias Church, etc. are some of the must-see places here.

15.San Francisco In The United States Of America

San Francisco In The United States Of America

Also known as the “Golden Gate City,” San Francisco is the city surrounded by the beautiful Pacific Ocean and Francisco Bay. Golden Gate Bridge, hills all around, colonial-style Victorian houses, and a large number of skyscrapers define the beauty of this city.

16.Barcelona In Spain

Barcelona In Spain

If you love the sun, beaches, sand, and architecture, Barcelona, the Spanish capital city, is the apt place for you.

17.Shanghai In China

Shanghai In China

Shanghai is one of the well-planned cities in the world. Its growth has surprised many superpowers today. Conventional pavilions, huge tower-like buildings, and the reputed waterfront promenade of Bund are the major highlights here.

18.Auckland In New Zealand

Auckland In New Zealand

Also distinguished as the “City of Sails,” Auckland is a must-visit place for its innumerable yachts and water bodies. There are two huge harbors here.

19.Jaipur In India

Jaipur In India

Recognized as the “Pink City” because of its many pink sandstone buildings, Jaipur is the city of palaces and monuments. The city still has royal favors for kids who still live here.

20.St. Petersburg In Russia

St. Petersburg In Russia

Located on the Baltic Sea, St. Petersburg is a port city in Russia. Culture and arts are in their full form in this city, with many art galleries and operas performing the local arts and exhibiting paintings from reputed artists.

21.Rome In Italy

Rome In Italy

This is the capital city of Italy and is known for its Colosseum, Roman Forum, and all other indications of the once-powerful and invincible Roman Empire. Do not miss the churches, cathedrals, museums housing masterpieces and the holy Vatican City, when you come here.

22.Vancouver In Canada

Vancouver In Canada

This is one of the world’s best fishing cities, and it is located on the West Coast seaport of British Columbia. Natural extravaganza and cultural richness dominate this city to a great extent.

23.Sydney In Australia

Sydney In Australia

This is one of Australia’s most beautiful and largest cities. Opera House, Sydney Harbour, Royal Botanical Gardens, and the 268m tall Sydney Tower are some of the must-see attractions.

24.Abu Dhabi In The United Arab Emirates

Abu Dhabi In The United Arab Emirates

Abu Dhabi, the capital city of UAE, is a beautiful island city on the Persian Gulf. Huge structures, shopping malls, and the majestic Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque are some of the major attractions. The expense of living is quite reasonable at Abu Dhabi, making it one of the world’s lovely cities.

25.Beijing In China

Beijing In China

The Chinese capital city is one of the culturally rich cities in the world. Technological advancements and mass productions keep happening on one side of the city, whereas, on the other hand, the city maintains its ancient world charm.

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