Corporate America

I am a member of Corporate America. I just met with a financial planner to set up my tax-sheltered annuity.

There are all these companies that I have boycotted or other wise had disdain for, and now I have all these mutual funds with stocks in this company. Exxon, Microsoft, Pfizer. I am part of the evil that is corporate america.

What just happened to me? Did I finally grow up? I don't think I like that.

I know I don't like depending on companies whose business practices are distasteful, but my generation cannot count on Social Security. I need to invest somewhere.

It's a no win situation.

Yesterday, I decided that riding the Katy trail would be fun. It's a nice flat trail, and although not the most scenic, it is pretty. We went about 4 miles, which for you bikers, I know is not very much, but I am just starting out... until earlier this week, I hadn't ridden a bike since I didn't have a car in college at Michigan State. and then it was transportation, not recreation or exercise. i need my bike to get to classes. I couldn't walk there quick enough.

Well, yesterday we got a late start. The first few miles were good... we were looking at this beautiful cloudy sunset. After two miles we turn around thinking that it might look like rain, and we would want back dry. That didn't happen. About 2 minutes after we turned around, it started pouring. and it wasn't just rain but that nasty, hard rain that hurts when it hits you. and we had miles to go. by the time that we got back to my car, I was so uncomfortable, I didn't think I would ever get dry. My car seats are still wet. My shoes will probably never be the same. (there is nothing like riding and hearing your shoes squish).