today, i had to work late. well, i didn't have to. but i did.... everyone else had to get stuff to be by 5, which all came at 5:30. i made 3 people look good tonight, and my boss is very aware of it.

so i left work. it was still before 6. and it was beautiful outside. so instead of catching the train at my usual station, i kept walking. i walked past the white house, down to the tidal basin- where the cherry blossoms are in bloom, and around the washington monument, and to the mall where i got the train at the smithsonian station.

the only thing that i regret is that i didn't have my camera with me today. i would have taken pictures of the blossoms, the adult kickball teams (apparently all the rage around these parts) and a picture of the USDA for the good reverend.

I love the neighborhood i live in-- even though my place leaves something to be desired. it's so quiet here. everyone is friendly. there are people walking everywhere. and there are all these brick sidewalks.

i walk past all these beautiful row houses, which i dream about winning the lottery and and buying.

so work is going good. i am finally getting over the trauma that the last job gave me. I was at that job for 3 years-- and all previous people who had my position lasted less than one. hell yeah i was burned out. it really took alot to to get over that-- and i am still getting over it.

there are alot of bugs i need to work out with my new life-- but it's a good one.