It's getting close

so, i know what you are all thinking... kat's birthday is less than a month away-- what are we going to get her? i mean, she has everything.

ok, so none of you are thinking that -- and even if you were -- no one (including my mother) has my address to send me stuff.

1. ipod. it's a long morning without one. and everyone on the train has one-- and i am always next to someone who has theirs up way too loud and it's really annoying. i like the red one. not to mention you can download the metro map so i don't have to look like i tourist when i am lost.

2. an umbrella. one of those teeny tiny ones you can have in your purse at all times. i spend a week carrying my too-big umbrella. i left it at home one day, and i got SOAKED walking home.

3. shower curtian. i really need to get one sometime soon (i do have a liner-- which works-- but makes me feel a little like an exhibitionist.)

4. cupcakes. i always want cupcakes.

5. the row house that i walk by every morning. it's only $700,000.

6. cute little shoes that are comfortable to walk to the metro in, and small enough to keep in my bag when i wear my real shoes to work.

7. to find a new leg wax place here. i am really hairy.

8. someone to go to six flags with me here on my birthday. six flags rocks on my birthday.

9. a new suspention on my volvo.

10. plates for my volvo. yeah, i'll be getting these shortly.

11. oh, and a million dollars.

12. and yarn. i love yarn.

and a real topic to blog about.... but anyone can email me that-- so that's what you should get me.

and you won't get posts like this anymore.