tape worm

i think i have a tape worm.... I eat, and eat, and eat. and i am always still hungry.

i got a ton of great produce at the market today, but all i want is junk food. i want a pizza. I want french fries. i want cheese. not brussell sprouts (even though i really love brussell sprouts).

because i am walking most places, i guess i am burning more calories that i was before (when i was really doing nothing). I do sit at my desk all day, but that is more than i was doing before.

i would love to see if my weight is going down. but my scale seems to have stopped working. i think now that i walking at least 2 miles a day, i think it's time to try and get down to what i weighed after surgery (as in get down the healthy way, not starve myself).

today was my first day without a mission since i moved here. and i am actually bored instead of overwhelmed. reminds me of the good ol days of being unemployed.

i need to meet someone here who is willing to try new restaurants with me. i want chinese food-- and i have no clue on where to try. the friends i do have here don't live near me-- so they are not good for recommendations.

I guess i have been here for 2 weeks -- i just need to be patient.