look! a blog entry!

i have been here eight days now. before last week, i had not worked all year. as much as i complain, i would much rather work than not work.

today was cold-- and my office has little to no temperature control. my fingers were freezing all day-- very hard to type without feeling in your hands.

i had a good weekend, but i think i tried to jam to much stuff into it. I wanted to see my neighborhood, so i walked down to the local yarn store. I got there an hour before they opened. so no yarn smelling for me. I then walked down to the market. I got a whole bunch of fresh veggies and some meat from a local butcher.

I so attempted to clean a but. i have a sublet here, and the person before me lived like a college student. my standards are a little higher even if my income isn't.

Sunday, i headed out to Virginia to visit my friends and run some errands. I don't have parking here in the city, nor do i really need a car here, so my car is living out there. I ended up taking on a job with the wrong tools-- and no safety glasses. no permanent injuries were sustained nor were any animals harmed. yet. i have some good friends, these two really took my in (literally for awhile) and have really gone above and beyond.

so, monday's over. 4 more days and i get another weekend. 4 more days and i get a paycheck. a paycheck. what a novel idea. as much more as I am making at this job, it never seems like enough. some one want to give me money for the pleasure of reading my blog? anyone? anyone? oh well. less coffee money for me.

have you all been patiently waiting for an entry from me trying to figure out what the hell is going on?

well, long story short, i got a new job and i moved to DC.

the job is going awesome. i am still learning, but i really like what i am doing. it's some serious adjusting going to a corporate environment. i have not once yet had a random wonder into my office. nothing has been on fire. and there have been no plumbing emergencies. my boss has not asked me to google anything for her. it's so nice.

honestly, i have not worked in so long, it's just nice to be working again.

i have a completely different lifestyle. i get up and walk the 8 blocks to the metro, take the train downtown, and walk another 3 blocks to work (usually stopping for coffee on the way-- expensive habit, i need to stop that-- but you can't bring your coffee on the train... and i am too good to drink office coffee.)

it's raining tonight. i walked home from the bar in the rain. i thought that i would have been more annoyed. but i didn't have to park. or pay for gas. no road rage for me. but sidewalks do get crowded when everyone has their umbrella out.

well, morning comes an hour sooner here, so i will call it a night.