The Stylish New Way to Sleep in Bangkok


Small and Stylish 5-star Bangkok Boutique Hotel

Seven Design Hotel is a small 5-star boutique hotel neatly tucked away at the end of a quiet cul-de-sac in central Bangkok just 5 minutes away from Phrom Phong BTS skytrain station, Asok MRT underground station and various major sights and scenes. This privately owned home-away-from-home gem sets forth a new experience in hotel accommodation in Bangkok with exceptionally original and stylish design, charming service, attention to detail as well as uniquely Thai concept.

Hotel Concept - Thai Art & Culture Inspired

Seven, which consists of six couture rooms in six different colours (yellow, pink, green, orange, blue and purple) and a red multifunctional 7th Space - The 7th Heaven Bar/Gallery/Library/Reception, was immaculately created by its young Thai founder and former proprietor Pylin Jane Sanguanpiyapand and her incredible design team. Inspiration for this small and stylish 5-star Bangkok Boutique hotel was drawn from ancient Thai art and the deep-rooted Thai tradition of relating each day of the week to a specific god of the planets, as in ancient Indian astrology, each of which has a particular colour:

Sunday is red for the sun god Phra Arthit
Monday is yellow for the moon god Phra Charn
Tuesday is pink for the Mars god Phra Angkarn
Wednesday is green for the Mercury god Phra Phut
Thursday is orange for the Jupiter god Phra Pareuhat
Friday is blue for the Venus god Phra Suk
Saturday is purple for the Saturn god Phra Sao